Rob Widdicombe writes the songs and sings them.

Rob's musical background is diverse: when he's not plying his trade with Scurravagus he can be found playing and singing blues, traditional folk songs, electro-pop and more.

South London born and bred, he has lived all over the UK, including a stint in the North of England which is where he and Chris first stumbled across each other many years ago.

Rob has composed music for theatre and has worked on a number of purely instrumental projects. A suite of electronic pieces is due for release shortly.


Chris Gardner plays the piano behind them.

Chris' playing history includes a spell as a church organist in his youth, before he defected to the Devil's music and starting playing blues, boogie-woogie, jazz and rock.

A native of Preston, Lancashire, he now lives in Gloucestershire.

Chris has written film scores, as well as works for piano and a variety of other instruments, and has released a series of CDs for babies and small children called "Snoozetunes".

He and Rob sometimes play in a rather noisy band called Streetlight Robbery.